Singing Waiter

What are Singing Waiters?

Couples are constantly striving to find something that is new, different, and totally unique to their wedding. To entertain their guest on their big day Singing Waiter’s are the best-kept secret in the wedding industry – the novelty of having a hidden performer amongst the catering staff or even the guests who then bursts out into song is a perfect way to kick off your entertainment.

Surprise Singing Waiters

Based out of West Yorkshire, All Your Wedding Essentials provide unique wedding entertainment that your spouse and family will love.

This family-owned-and-operated business is passionate about enhancing nuptial celebrations with its one-of-a-kind surprise musical entertainment experience.

Surprise wedding singer Jason from All Your Wedding Essentials takes great pride in providing a lively, inclusive performance that your guests won’t soon forget.

Wedding Singing Waiters

So, how does a Singing Waiter work exactly?

I would arrive at the venue you have chosen for your event, party, or special day. I will arrive 1-2 hours prior to any guests, giving me plenty of time to set up my equipment in a discreet place and complete my soundcheck to ensure everything is in perfect working order. As your guests arrive, I go undercover as a waiter or member of staff whilst your guests are sipping drinks and enjoying canapes, I will be figuring out who the big personalities are to get involved with. These characters will be perfect to kick start your wedding party with later on.

I will continue to blend in amongst the staff throughout your wedding day. Myself and all the waiters will take on the roles and responsibilities of a real waiter or waitress, serving guests as much as I can to build up the perfect singing waiter surprise. This allows me to build up a rapport with guests and develop a little banter along the way. When the time is exactly right, I will break cover for your surprise – and you get to choose how I make my entrance. One of our favourite scenarios is falling over whilst carrying a champagne bucket, making a huge clatter and diverting everyone’s attention towards the surprise.

Surprise Singing Waiter Show

  • The performance lasts for about 40-45 mins
  • Choose your own songs
  • Getting everyone involved
  • Conga lines
  • Dance off’s
  • Surprise ALL your guests
  • Rising the energy leading nicely off into the rest of the evening

What’s Included?

  • Professional Service
  • Professional Equipment
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Travel
  • Fully Insured
  • Single Point Of Contact
  • Full Project Management
  • Liaising With The Venue
  • WhatsApp Group Contact

How do I get in touch?

01484 940 020
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Surprise Singing Waiter Show

What you need to know…

  • We mainly masquerade as waiters and waitresses but depending on the event and the set-up, one of our performers can pose as a chef or head waiter.
  • There is no limit on the number of guests. To date, our smallest audience is 3 guests and our largest audience is nearly 1000 guests.
  • We’re self-contained, which means we have our own sound system suitable for up to 500 guests Let us know if you have more guests and we can allow for a larger sound system if necessary.
  • Don’t worry if you’re not having a sit-down meal. We have performed the show in all sorts of setups including drinks and canape receptions.
  • We are based in Yorkshire but are booked to perform all over the UK and internationally.
  • We’ll contact your venue/caterer beforehand to find out what their staff wear so we can dress to fit in. If there’s anything bespoke or branded we would need this to be provided. We’re also happy to liaise with them regarding how our show works, timings, and logistics.
  • We need to arrive to set up and sound check in secret so without your guests seeing or hearing us. As every wedding is unique this is something we would confirm once we know your schedule as it depends on where your ceremony is taking place. If a sound check isn’t possible don’t panic we have ways to work around this as well.
  • We are happy to discuss song choices.
  • We recommend that you try to keep us a surprise for as many people as possible so only tell those who absolutely need to know!
  • And finally, in terms of what we need? We just ask for a space to change in, any parking charges to be covered on top of our fee (if applicable of course), and if we could be fed and watered whilst on site that would be greatly appreciated!
  • Create lasting memories and surprise your Aunts, Uncles, Cousins & friends with live entertainment when they least expect it from the Sing Out Waitresses & Waiters. A brilliant addition to your big day as our performers pose as waiting staff during your wedding breakfast before bursting into song towards the end of your main course for a 30 – 40 minute fun-filled show!
  • The unique and highly interactive performance style of our secret singers will wow all your guests, in fact, they won’t be able to resist singing along. With a vast repertoire from pop to opera to soul, disco, musical theatre, and jazz there’s plenty to choose from although we have some favourites that work brilliantly. We usually start with a show-stopping number before moving on to a few dance floor classics to get everyone involved and up on their feet.