Magic Selfie Mirror

Wedding Selfie Mirrors

This fully animated magic selfie mirror takes your wedding guest’s photos and allows them to draw, write, interact, and add a personal touch to their photos.

Photos are printed within a matter of seconds and dispensed from the selfie mirror for you and your guests to keep as momentos of your big day. Not only that, but the mirror will store all the photos taken onto a USB for you to keep at the end of your day!

The unit itself is compact which means it can be placed in a small or discrete space out of the way until it needs to be brought out.

The selfie mirror is a perfect alternative for any event photos, the talking point, would definitely be a cheeky talking mirror!

Magic Wedding Mirror Video

The All Your Wedding Essentials magic selfie mirror offers great interactive entertainment, which is ideal for capturing the spirit of the moment.

The fully animated mirror not only takes great photos and prints but also talks to the guests with random responses both verbally and on the screen.

It is small and compact and due to its layout, it does not restrict guests to 4 people at a time like the traditional wedding photo booths! How many people can you fit into the magic selfie mirror?

The hidden camera delivers custom prints with logos and graphics along with personalised messages. The magic selfie mirror by All Your Wedding Essentials has a small footprint and elegant design, making it perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events, exhibitions, and promotional events.

What’s Included?

  • 1x Friendly Assistant
  • Guestbook (Wedding Packages)
  • Huge selection of over 100 Props in our box
  • Customised prints
  • Red Carpet & queue barriers
  • Supply of entire digital album
  • Facebook gallery (on request)
  • Fully interactive and guests can leave messages or sign the photos using the touchscreen
  • Highest quality, instantly dry photographs
  • Fully customised prints
  • Full-length selfies
  • Stylish and smaller than a traditional photo booth.